Overnight sleeping mask or Night cream: what to use?

Night cream vs Sleeping mask

sleeping mask night cream what to use

All my life I used a facial night cream as a part of my night time skin care routine.  Well, it was the last step of my evening/night skin care routine but night cream was a must.  I did not really favour any brand or company; I used whatever I could afford at the time and whatever I thought was good judging by ingredients.

For the last year or so I became a real fan of Korean cosmetics and beauty products.  As part of my research and self-education I came across a very interesting product: a sleeping overnight mask. I purchased one based on many positive and happy reviews and was very, very pleased with results.  You can read my full review of TONYMOLY Golden Mushroom Sleeping Mask if you follow this link.

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Later several questions appeared in my head:

What is the difference between a sleeping mask and a night cream? Can one substitute another?  Is it possible to completely eliminate night creams and substitute them with sleeping masks?

I read numerous articles, posts, blogs and reviews; finally I was able to understand the difference and similarities of the two.

Overnight Sleeping Mask

It is a fairly new concept to non-Asian countries.  Sleeping masks are packed with a variety of vitamins, antioxidants and nutrients and are meant to deeply moisturize and nourish skin.  Unlike night creams, sleeping masks have a highly concentrated dose of active ingredients.  These types of masks are meant to be an emergency or a booster to your skin and are not designed for every night use.  Usually sleeping masks are meant to be used once or twice a week, but follow manufacturer’s recommendations.  It is not recommended to use sleeping masks every night as it can actually lose its efficacy.

Sleeping masks are perfect for dry to normal skin; however they are suitable for oily skin as well.  I have very oily skin and find that using overnight mask does not increase oil production, does not clog pores and does not cause skin breakouts.  I really love my TONY MOLY Mushroom Overnight Sleeping Mask .

Sleeping masks are applied as a last step of your night skin routine; they seal any serum, essence or moisturizer that you used earlier.  Some people with very dry skin apply sleeping masks over their night cream as a final layer and find that this way of application promotes extreme hydration to their dry, tired skin.

My skin routine when I use sleeping mask is as follows: Argireline Solution 10% by The Ordinary, then I apply a serum (Lancome activating youth serum),  then I apply TOSOWOONG VITA Clinic Vitamin Dressing Powder to problem spots (new breakouts or inflammation).  Sometimes I might follow all that with some moisturizing essence and then I will apply my sleeping mask to seal all the care products.  Mask is left overnight and washed off in the morning.

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Night Cream

Night creams are less potent than sleeping masks yet they are also full of ingredients beneficial to one’s skin.   Choose your night cream according to your skin needs and type.  Night creams are suitable for daily use.

To summarize, night creams are suitable for every night use as a part of a regular night skin care routine.  Sleeping masks should be used once or twice a week and should be considered as a booster, extra food, extra nourishment and/or extra hydration.  If you have an important meeting, date or a party on the following day and want to look even more beautiful and refreshed than usual, then use a sleeping mask the night before.


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Sleeping Masks and Night Creams

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