Thank you for visiting my blog.

I read that every blog has to have a niche.  I struggled with identifying my niche for a long time.  Now, more than a year into blogging, I think I narrowed a niche  to the following:

Beaty | Food | Travel | Lifestyle

Let me explain why I concentrate on those 4 parts.


I am 40 something mom, wife (well, almost), and a nurse.  It could become crazy to juggle all those different roles and responsibilities that come with them.  However, I believe, it is still important for anyone to devote some time for her/himself.  There are many products, services, procedures, injections, workout programs that could assist anyone in that.  I follow many groups, blogs and media pages about skin and hair care innovations and products; I buy some of them when I believe a products will deliver good results; try products on myself and post reviews about those products.  I also write articles about skincare trends, ingredients and devices.  I hope that my Beauty and Hair page will help people to stay beautiful and happy.


I do not like spending lots of time in the kitchen and yet I prefer homemade food and believe in importance of healthy and nutritious meals.  In order to achieve that I create my own recipes which, in my opinion, are quite simple and yet very delicious.  Sometimes I simplify recipes that I find on the internet, change them to my liking.  I really hope that my Food page will help others to feed their families and not to spend too much time in the kitchen


I always wanted to travel and see the world.  I believe that there are so many beautiful and magical places around the world, so much to explore.  I cannot say that I travelled much and my bucket list is quite full and not many places are crossed over.  Yet.  When I do manage to get away and travel, I share my experiences, tips, places to see and stay, restaurants to eat and so on.  I really hope that my Travel page will help other people to plan their vacation and have a wonderful experience.


I mostly concentrate on Health and Wellness. Please, check this page and hopefully you will find useful tips to have a healthy and safe life.

blog modern vintage ville food health beauty hair travel recipes

How a tech challenged  mom ended up having a blog….

Midlife crisis

When I turned 40, I suddenly realized that there was no creativity in my life.  I also realized that I did not have any hobby.  Nor did I have any talent that I could potentially turn into hobby.  Nor did I have any time to learn any skills to have a hobby.  It seemed that nothing interested me:  I had no interest in making jewellery,  dolls, felt animals; sawing, knitting, and doing needle point did not attract me either. I tried painting by numbers but it bored me and gave me a backache. I did not have any talent for singing, drawing, painting, writing.  I liked photography and learned some of the skills through books and web sites but I never had time to attend any professional lessons.

In my early 20s had all those big dreams where I learned all types of dancing, painting, yoga, played piano and guitar, travelled, read many amazing and interesting books, took singing classes and became fluent in few foreign languages. Twenty years later, I realized that for the past 20 or so years all my education, readings and knowledge aquisition was work related.  I tried few careers and eventually became a Registered nurse and love it to this very moment.

However, a person should have a hobby.  Right?  I mean, whenever I read anything motivational, or watched life coaching videos the word “hobby” was screaming at me.

I do not know how idea of having a blog came to my head.  Honestly. I was never tech savvy and never in my mind did I consider that I am able to learn how to create a web site.  However, the thought came to my head.  And it got stuck.  I read tons of blogs, posts and articles on how to create and run a blog.

So I tried.

My son helps me with the blog, he gives me inspiration, ideas and helps with the photography.  Most pictures I use on these website are my own.  Thus, unintentionally, this blog enhanced our wonderful mother-son bond.

blog modern vintage ville food health beauty hair travel recipes

This blog became my escape from every day routine, it became my hobby and it is how I express my creativity.   I hope you find something interesting for you here as well.  Thank you for being so patient and staying.  Enjoy!

 If you would like to contact me, please, send me an email at modernville@yahoo.com