How a tech challenged  mom ended up having a blog….

Thank you for visiting my blog.

When I turned 40, I suddenly realized that there was no creativity in my life.  I mean, none.   I had all those big dreams where I learn   dancing, painting, yoga, take piano and guitar lessons, travel, read many amazing and interesting books, take singing classes and learn some other foreign language (or even two, or, what a heck, three).

Instead, I realized that for the past 15 years all my education was work related.  I read many books, articles, researches, text books; and everything was mostly work related.

I have been a single mother for almost 9 years now, thus I read many parenting books in hopes to become a better parent.  I guess it would be fair to say that my education and readings were alternating between work related and children related topics.   I love my son to pieces and enjoy every second I spent with him, but I felt that at some point I lost my own identity between working and being a mom.

I started reading motivational articles, blogs, recommendations and many times I read that a person should have a hobby.  And then I realized that I do not have a hobby.  Nor do I have any talent to acquire one.  Nor do I have any time to learn any skills to have a hobby.  It seemed that nothing interested me: I did not have any talent for singing, drawing, painting, writing; I had no interest in making jewellery,  dolls, felt animals; sawing, knitting, and doing needle point did not attract me either. I tried painting by numbers but it bored me and gave me a backache. I liked photography and learned some of the skills through books and web sites but I never had time to attend any professional lessons.  Nor money.  But that is besides the point 🙂


I do not know how idea of having a blog came to my head.  Honestly. I was never tech savvy and never in my mind did I consider that I am able to learn how to create a web site.  However, the thought came to my head.  And it got stuck.  I read tons of blogs, posts and articles on how to create and run a blog.

So I tried.  It was hard as I had zero knowledge about creating website and could not tell a difference between a “page” and a “post”. I am not kidding.

Most pictures I use on these website are my own.  And that gave me an opportunity to learn more about photography.  My son helps me with the blog, he gives me inspiration, ideas and helps with the photography.  Thus, unintentionally, this blog brought my son and I even closer together and created a wonderful mother-son bond.

My blog has no niche.  This blog is like a life journal for me, it is my escape from every day routine, it became my hobby and it is how I express my creativity.   I hope you find something interesting for you here as well.  Thank you for being so patient and staying.  Enjoy!

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